Tattoo Delft 2022 is cancelled

4 April 2022

DELFT – The board of the Tattoo Delft Foundation had to consider the progress of Tattoo Delft 2022. As a result of the Coronapandemic, we had to postpone our event in both 2020 and 2021. Unfortunately, the board and project leader had to make the difficult decision on March 31, 2022 not to let Tattoo Delft 2022 continue.

We deeply regret having to make this difficult decision. A decline in cultural subsidies and sponsorship funds, as well as disappointing ticket sales as a result of the corona pandemic, means that the financial risk if the tattoo continues is too great at the moment. The board therefore sees no other option than to cancel Tattoo Delft 2022. We regret that we had to take this decision.

The board would like to express its heartfelt thanks to all those visitors who have visited her Tattoo in the past 24 years, and also to those companies that have given the Tattoo a warm heart. In particular, the board would like to thank all volunteers who have been involved in the event for years. They were the silent force behind a wonderful event that had been revived since 1996. Tattoo Delft 2018 has been the last Tattoo Delft for the time being. What this means for the future is not yet clear. The board and volunteers of the Taptoe Delft Foundation hope to be able to organize another great event in the near future.

The National Theater Box Office will contact the spectators who have already bought tickets in the short term.

If there are any questions, an email to

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